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The English Wine Joke...

I was chatting to a partner of mine in Munich the other day, telling him about All Angels and he said: "English Sparkling Wine? They're not words you hear together in the same expression..."

Now this guy is very wordly and smart and that got me thinking back - as often I do - to the time when I made the fatal mistake of proudly telling my "buddies" about the Silver Medal we had won in the Champagne and Sparkling Wine World Championships. They are an eclectic bunch of cynical Brits, Aussies, Septics (Americans), Irish, Welsh and Yorkshire (yes, Yorkshire is a separate country - more on that in other articles) who, while they love All Angels, love taking the proverbial even more.

Now, I've been a lawyer a long time and am used to "bad taste" jokes (What do you have if you have a 25 seater bus with 24 lawyers on it going over a cliff? A missed opportunity... etc) but the reaction was vicious, instantaneous and prolonged - I was, as we say in our group, "being bullied". You won't see many of their endorsements on the website but they included "Great for cleaning out blocked drains", "Kills all known germs" and one cure for a complaint that I'm sure the mate who suggested it would get questions from his wife as to how he knows... Love the guys and the friendship!!

So is English Wine a joke: NOPE - it is here to stay and it is of the highest consistent standard: why would the French champagne houses be buying up land in England if they weren't worried. Try it, support it and tell the world!

The English Wine Joke...