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Sacrifice in the Vineyard

This is tempting fate as, at the time I am writing this, there are two nights in the next week that we are keeping a close eye on and for which the frostguards are being double and triple checked. Here goes though: we are getting close to the time when frost is unlikely and we can take stock of the damage the vineyard has suffered from the cold nights this year.

Matt spent some time in the vineyard looking at this recently and the verdict is, we are looking pretty good. That doesn't mean no damage - in our dreams - but the approach of keeping "sacrificial canes" has paid dividends.

You can see from the picture that each vine has two main canes whereas traditionally there might only be one: the one along the wire trellising. The idea behind this was that if one cane suffered frost-burn, the other might be a stronger option for the growing season - and so it seems. I picked the worst for the picture but if you look carefully, you will see that the nearest cane along the wire has few buds but the vertical cane has a good number. We can now tie down the stronger cane and the one that has little growth will be sacrificed / pruned off.

We hope to have good growth throughout the vineyard this year!

That doesn't mean we can forget about frost till next year - we'll be worrying about it again around harvest time...