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We have finally broken ground on the new vineyard

Nine years ago, almost to the day, our first vineyard was planted at Enborne by the Vineworks team. The second vineyard by St. Michael and All Angels a few years later. And now the third!

We've had a number of challenges to overcome with this one from changing the use from permanent pasture in an AONB, to rain, rain and more rain. Finally, we have subsoiled and ploughed, spread fertilizer and lime and power harrowed (well James Hayes and his team at Hedge Estate Contracting have!)

We've carried out tree work (well Luke Butler at GA Butler and Sons has) to make the boundary trees safe and preserve the natural habitat for the wildlife and we even found someone there with a metal detector (he had the metal detector - we didn't use one to find him...): as we knew from the archaeological survey we had conducted, there was nothing there!

Mid May the Vineworks team will be down again for planting. We are not planting Rondo in this vineyard but, to start with, 6000 Cardonnay, 1000 Pinot Gris (love that grape), 2550 Pinot Noir, 1650 Pinot Meunier and 2350 Pinot Blanc. For sure we will produce more All Angels Sparkling wine but we are also going to produce a still white from some of these grapes.

Next challenge: Name and a Label. Any suggestions anyone??

We have finally broken ground on the new vineyard