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This could be the last Newsletter - for a while...

No, we’re not closing down – far from it – but this time next month I suspect The Frost Fiesta will be in full swing.


Huge kudos to the two people who have so far volunteered to help out during the nights – and both were totally sober (seemingly) when they offered.  If you’d like to help out lemme know!  Doesn’t have to be through the night as there is a lot of work to be done restocking and assessing during the daylight hours as well.




Getting the nasty stuff out of the way, I can’t help but feel horror for the people of Ukraine.  Horror but speechless respect for their stoicism, resilience and resistance.  There is a wine auction that is being co-ordinated by Litmus Wines and many of the top English vineyards are contributing to that, including All Angels of course: I’ll try to post details on Social so you can bid if you want.  A tiny contribution to help a huge crisis.




On a happier note, we had a great time at the International Women’s Day event last week – Emma was on top form and the wine flowed freely (I particularly enjoy the Hattingley still Pinot Noir – well worth getting).  Jane’s lunch serving was off the charts and we didn’t even notice the rain from inside the cosy Tasting Barn (trying not to call it the Party Barn as we are very serious nowadays…).  Sorry you missed it? We’ll let you know when the next event is going to be.  We will be at the OBH Point to Point meeting on Easter Monday (18th April) – at Lockinge just outside Wantage – so if you want a fun, friendly day out with some top class racing and bubbles, come along.



I promised you an update on what we’ve been doing in the vineyard so far.  Here’s a summary:
•    Subsoiling: the health of the soil is so important and after 10 years of tractor compaction, we decided to subsoil and get air into the soil.  It has worked incredibly well – thrilled with the results
•    Pruning: we had a team of 8 in for 5 days to get that done quickly and accurately – leaving a double guyot and a sacrificial cane in place for frost amelioration
•    Tying down the canes we’ve kept: 27,000 paper ties for one vineyard – the 14 man team ran out of time to do the other two so that is still to be done
•    Cost for the above: c. £15,000 – just to give you an idea (i) if you want to start your own vineyard and (ii) why we’ll be asking for more volunteers and training you during this year
•    An unspecified amount of servicing and repair work to the mechanical kit, including repairing the frost fan we bought last year that was delivered broken (yes that does still grate).

We don’t really have a down season!


DON’T FORGET MOTHERING SUNDAY – 27th March and we’ve another fantastic idea for a present this year: A bottle of All Angels of your choice and a 60 hr All Angels candle either summer flowers scented (called Veraison) or with a slightly riper, spicier scent (called Late Harvest) for the price of £55-00 (normally £65-50 for club members if bought separately), both come gift boxed, so no wrapping!  We have a limited number left now so drop a line to [email protected] if you’d like to secure one (not on the website).

Right, now back to compiling my playlist for all night frost fighting – suggestions welcome!




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