Introducing our sensational 2018 Sparkling Rosé!

Introducing our sensational 2018 Sparkling Rosé!

There’s always a touch of nervousness when launching a new wine, but with this beauty, we’re bursting with confidence! We’re thrilled to share this exquisite creation with all of you.

Introducing our sensational 2018 Sparkling Rosé!

Close your eyes and imagine a delicate, enchanting colour—a captivating delicate peach hue that sets it apart from its copper-toned predecessor, the 2017. Get ready to be mesmerised! This is a pure blend of 61% Rondo and 39% Pinot Gris, a harmonious marriage of flavours!

When it comes to the aromas, it’s a sensory feast! The tantalising notes of spice, raspberry, and pomegranate are accompanied by a symphony of fantastic red fruits. The perfect blend of acidity and sweetness dances on your senses, tempting you to breathe it in all day, even before taking that first sip.

But hold tight! We’re just getting started. How does it taste?

Savour the delightful notes of red fruit, pomegranate and juicy raspberry, complemented by subtle hints of citrus and the All Angels signature acidity that keeps things refreshingly vibrant. And oh, those divine aged flavours, like a softly baked crumble, all with a touch of nectarine!

So, whether you seek a moment of solitude or a delightful summer evening with cherished friends, this rosé is the ultimate companion. It’s the key to unlocking unforgettable moments and creating memories that will linger in your heart.

Now, what’s the perfect pairing, you ask? Well, this delicate Sparkling Rosé deserves to be savoured alongside an afternoon tea, elegant canapés, or light and flavoursome dishes. Picture yourself on a warm summer evening, with enough time and space to reflect on the day, or gather your friends for a memorable shared experience! You deserve to experience the magic!

Head to our shop to grab yourself a bottle - don’t wait too long, or let’s be honest, we might just end up sipping most of it ourselves!

Let’s raise a glass and toast to our remarkable new 2018 Sparkling Rosé!

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