Our All Angels shield: Chapter 1

Our All Angels shield: Chapter 1

We have been asked a lot about the shield of our All Angels logo and what it represents. Well, hold on to your seats, pour yourself a glass and listen in to part 1 of our story on instagram (click on the title below) - or read on….


Chapter 1: “The Church Farm House” - >

The top of our shield represents the asymmetric outline of our Church Farm House. The house itself is very historic, it dates back to the early 17th century. Our land was actually occupied by the Roundheads the evening before the 1st Battle of Newbury in 1643. Our House itself was owned by Colonel Joyce who was one of Cromwell’s officers. Colonel Joyce is actually most famous for being the person who arrested King Charles I. He surrendered the house and fled the country in 1660 when a warrant was issued for his arrest based on the allegation that he was potentially even the masked executioner of Charles I. He probably wasn't, but it was a good enough reason to get away!

I would just stress that the views that Colonel Joyce held are not shared by the current owners of Church Farm 😉!


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