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A deep red, gently sparking wine with a nose of rich blackcurrants and flavours of cranberry and pomegranate. This delicious and sought-after wine is something you'll keep coming back to.

Grapes: 100% Rondo 

Alcohol: 12%

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Deep ruby colour.

Rich blackcurrent, pomegranite and cranberry.

A vibrant, fresh palate, with a depth of fruit that beautifully balances the acidity.

Delicate bubbles almost hidden in the depth of this deep, full bodied sparkling red, that lingers intensely on the palate.


We don't have any formal reviews for this wine, however we can tell you that it is a little like marmite - our customers generally absolutely loved it (particularly our sommeliers) or really couldn't get their heads around a sparkling red.

So much so that those who did love it bought multiple cases of it at a time, meaning we are down to the last few bottles, currently being kept for special occassions.

All this said, one review we 'wish' had been given to our prized Angels 340 comes from the movie Somm 3, where a sommelier in New York was describing a wine with similar character "It's a bit like the bad boyfriend...I keep coming back to it but I'm not sure why"...

Keep an eye out, we may just produce another one at some point and we'll leave you to be the judges if we do.


Rondo 100%

Harvested: October 2015
Time on lees:
Time on cork: Minimum 9 months

Alcohol: 12%
Total Acidity: 4.5 g/l
Residual Sugar: 2.2 g/l
Vegan: Yes


2015 was one of the more challenging growing years with some hard frosts causing damage after an unusually early bud burst, a wet June and a cold and wet August. This led to a late harvest and 340 bottles of our first commercial Sparkling Red.

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